Free Reads

Here are some short reads. You check out my writing style and decide if my wlw novels would be of interest to you.

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The Queen’s Gift (1770s, piracy) – EPUB, PDF

art by somewillwin

90 pages

content tags: F/F, lesfic, romance, Caribbean pirates, historical, 18th century, women-loving women, explicit sexual situations, early on there is some scenes that contain dubious consent

Caribbean Pirate Captain “Bloody Mary” Flint got more than expected when she boarded a ship headed for England to steal the “queen’s gift.”

Book’s Pass (1870s, American Western) – PDF, EPUB

art by somewillwin

101 pages

content tags: F/F, lesfic, romance, American western, historical, 19th century, women-loving women, explicit sexual situations

Loner Emmeline Soule enters Book’s Pass (Arizona) and get embroiled in a dispute between a local rancher and the woman who runs the local brothel, Reina Suarez.

Not free… but cute!

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