Turn for Home

content tags: contemporary, celebrity, romance, sapphic sexual content, LGBT issues, forced outing, domestic violence.

While the first novel TURNING POINT brought the two women together, TURN FOR HOME brings Brenna and Cassidy’s love story out into the open, where it is scrutinized and criticized from every angle. 2010 Rainbow Award Winner: Lesbian Contemporary. Available in ebook format from Kindle, Kobo, Smashwords, and nook, and paperback.

Turn for Home (2nd ed. 2013)

Publisher: Acquitted Books (Supposed Crimes LLC)

eBook ISBN: 978-1-938108-33-4
print ISBN: 978-1-952150-99-9

Falling in love wasn’t easy. Staying together may be impossible.

In this sequel to TURNING POINT, as her divorce proceeds, Brenna Lanigan struggles with her sons’ cold shoulders and opposition to her intimate relationship with Cassidy Hyland. Cassidy’s son Ryan eagerly accepts their relationship, making Thomas and James’ lack of support even more upsetting.

When the women return from holiday hiatus to resume shooting on “Time Trails,” they sneak precious moments of intimacy in shadows and trailers. As many in the cast and crew openly show support, Cassidy and Brenna try to date. The paparazzi give chase. When the romance is publicized, the revelation sets off Cassidy’s ex-husband. Mitch Hyland will take his son from the lesbian couple… by force if necessary.


Brenna Lanigan pulled up to the curb just outside the entrance to Pacific Heights High School. It being just after seven in the morning, she was not the only parent delivering her sons to the new semester.

“What time tonight?” she asked as she stretched her right arm over the space between the front two seats and looked squarely at Thomas, next to her in the front passenger seat. At age seventeen, he was beginning to chisel and thicken in the chest. James, a little rounder and softer at fifteen, was pulling his book bag together in the back seat. Both were turning away from her already, their doors open.

She grabbed Thomas’ shoulder before he could get out of range. He didn’t look back as he answered, “No need. I’ve got orientation with FIRE. I’ll catch the city bus when it’s over.”

She released his shoulder. “James?” she directed to where he stood outside the vehicle.

“I’ve got stuff planned with friends,” he answered.

“Will I see either of you for dinner?” she asked. Thomas paused, but without turning back to look at her, he shook his head. She glanced at James and saw that he was looking at her, though she couldn’t interpret his dour expression.

“I’m making Chicago deep dish,” she offered. “All the toppings you like.”

James shrugged. “Sorry, Mom. I won’t be in ’til curfew.”


“That’s a big meal. We having company?” Thomas hazarded a glance toward her. His eyebrows drew together briefly, betraying his anxiety, before he assumed a bland expression.

Brenna had been thinking of inviting her new lover, Cassidy Hyland, and her son Ryan. She missed the blond woman terribly. The last time they had all been together, Cassidy had come over for New Year’s Eve. Thomas and James had gone off to the Palisades neighborhood park, reluctantly taking Ryan with them. At the time, it had been wonderful, giving Cassidy and Brenna time alone together. But any ground she thought had been gained in her sons’ adjustment to her new relationship was short lived. Up before dawn most days, both boys then stayed gone all day for the remainder of their holiday.

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