WIP Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

Not much has been happening this week. I’m packing for my West Coast trip.

I’ve seen other authors tag Wednesdays as days to blog about their works in progress.

So, even though all my writing has stalled at the moment, I do have a few things in-progress I can give a little excerpt from.

I already shared the first page of two different stories asking which one I should finish first. The one set at the beach (lifeguard/tourist) edged out the one about doctors in Miami. Considering the doctors in Miami is more likely a novel than a novella, that’s fine with me. I’ve written four more chapters in the beach story, and just gotten to the sex. Here’s the lead up to that scene, end of chapter 4). It’s perfectly safe for work, unless girl kisses make you blush (or make your boss uncomfortable 😜).

Turning around Erin found the brunette only a step away, straddling the edge of the wall-to-wall carpet of the living area and the linoleum in the kitchen. Wide brown eyes smiled up at her. Erin held out the fruit. “Here.”

“Thank you.” Erin caught the words just before their fingers brushed and her brain short circuited. Full red lips — Rosa was wearing makeup — continued talking but Erin didn’t register anything as words.

“God, you’re beautiful,” Erin said. She felt like breath was being stolen from her lungs.Rosa’s mouth closed, the hum of sound ended, and Erin was entranced by a deep red flush that spread from Rosa’s shoulders — she was wearing an off-the-shoulder blouse! — up her throat and into her cheeks.

Erin stepped forward; Rosa didn’t move. Their bodies collided against the frame of the entryway. Their mouths connected.

The brunette tasted of minty toothpaste and mouthwash. Their kiss ended slowly, both of them blinking. Erin inhaled and sighed.

 “I, uh…”

“Yeah, wow…I…”

Erin shoved her fingers through her hair and laughed. “Damn, I was so glad we were not acting like Bobby and your cousin, but …”

“But right now I’d like to jump your bones,” Rosa finished as if she was reading Erin’s mind.

Giddy lust rapidly grew in Erin’s belly. She half-laughed, half-choked. “I, yeah, uh, if you… if you’re… “

“I’d be into that,” Rosa stated, sounding calm. “Yes.”

Those words, that one word, set Erin’s heart pounding. She put her hand to her chest and closed her eyes willing herself to slow things down. After listening to her breathing and a short distance away Rosa’s breathing, Erin opened her eyes again. “Okay.”

She was grinning probably the stupidest grin in the world when Rosa took her hand and, backing around the corner, led Erin into her own bedroom.

I’ve even got a little “working” (not final) cover for the story to give me some inspiration.

So there you have it. Comments welcome below. Have a happy hump day! I’m headed back to packing. Next post will probably be from California.

~ Lara

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