cover for We Three book; three pairs of feet under bedcovers with a window above

I spent most of today writing on We Fit, the sequel to We Three, but that made me think about the way a character’s history affects their interpretation of, and reaction to, other characters’ actions. This totally affects everything in a plot.

Jess was really messed up by a former boyfriend. After all, she ended up in jail because of his actions. It has made her distrust anyone saying “I love you.” When Eric and Elena started showing that they are in love with her, it freaks her out. She thinks she’s in “too deep” and she doesn’t want to go any further.

However, Elena can’t bear to see the young woman pull away, so she goes after her and tries to explain what she feels. The tension of that conversation leaves them both with tears in their eyes.

Last month I spent a lot of time thinking about ways that people show love without saying “I love you” and realized that show vs tell is the only way Elena will get through to Jess without the woman disbelieving her every step of the way. But it’s so subtle, which is not how Elena likes to operate, communicator that she is.

It’s an interesting conflict, inner and outer at the same time.

Just an observation as I continue writing. Have a great night, everyone.

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