Patreon for 2022

I am busy reviewing my Patreon launched during 2021, considering my productivity, and making plans for new tiers and new perks in 2022. Read on to learn more and offer your thoughts at the end.

When I launched my patreon, I had one goal, to write 12 stories in 12 months. I achieved that goal and brought 5 people along with me for the ride. I’m writing the final story now and it will be ready for December 11 release.

Regarding perks though, I was less consistent. I was unsuccessful in getting a Zoom together every month – it’s really hard to match up a LIVE time for people around the globe. I enjoyed them, but I think I might have to leave it to 1-to-1 Zooms for the highest tiers and do pre-recorded video releases for everyone else.

Some months I also only managed to post the finished products – the PDF, EPUB and MP3. I am planning to add in merchandise (I have fan art!) and each tier will get different discount codes to make purchases.

But to make each tier more valuable with items related to why you’re there (my writing) here some ideas I had for behind the scenes posts (all tiers) and perks (certain tiers).

If you choose other, please message me with your idea(s).

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