Proposal Day

Today is #ProposalDay

Here’s the scene in We Three where Jess gets to once again consider Eric’s proposal for some fun with him and Elena.

“What do you have in bottles back there?”

Looking up from wiping the counter, Jess was immediately caught by blue eyes; she didn’t hesitate to smile, immediately recognizing Eric. His good looks and his offer to shoot her had not been far from her mind over the last four days. “Hi,” she said. “You want a beer, or something stronger?” She recalled he’d had scotch when at the nightclub.

“Just a beer. I have to fly tonight.” Eric slid onto the stool in front of her.

Jess nodded and listed off the top dozen beers most men seemed to prefer. Eric chose a Shock Top. She retrieved the bottle, popped the cap, and presented it. “Anything else?”

“You got fries or chips?” he asked.

“Nachos with queso,” she replied.

“I’ll take an order of nachos, then.” His smile was warm, and then quickly hidden behind the bottle as he lifted it to his mouth.

When she slid the nacho order in front of him, he looked down at it then back up at her. “Share with me?” he asked, then lifted a nacho with a tidy bit of melted cheese and held it out in invitation.

Jess took it from his fingers with her own. “I shouldn’t,” she said, but she did, enjoying the easiness of Eric’s smile.

“It’s just one chip,” he said easily, taking another from the plate for himself. For a moment there was only the sounds of crunching while they both chewed. Finally, Eric cleared his mouth with another swallow from his beer. “It’s Jess, right?”

Jess nodded, fishing for her water bottle under the bar’s counter. When her mouth was clear, she dipped her head again. “You’re Eric. Photographer.”

“In my spare time,” he answered. His smile disappeared behind his bottle again. “Speaking of, given any thought to my suggestion? My days off this week are Monday and Tuesday, so I am looking to shoot something.” He finished his chips off quickly after a glance at his wristwatch. “Oops. I’ll need my check.”

While printing his check, Jess thought about how to respond. Now that the invitation had been repeated, she hesitated. Monday was a day off for her. She wondered if Eric knew that or had simply guessed because she worked late weekend hours, she was probably off on a weekday at some point.

Bringing the printout to him, she asked obliquely, “You’re not shooting Elena?” He probably realized she was fishing for information about the brunette. Gus had pointed out how much people in this lifestyle appreciated clear communication. She wasn’t comfortable being completely blunt, but she hoped Eric would understand her question’s dual layers: Yes, I’m interested in doing this with you—I’m also interested in Elena.

“Elena is also free Monday,” Eric replied. He pulled a cardboard coaster from a nearby stack and flipped it over to the unprinted back. “Call,” he said, scribbling a number. “We’ll set things up.” He set the pen down across the coaster and stood. After swallowing the last of his beer, he smiled warmly at her and said, “I gotta fly.”

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