series plan

I have reached the part where I’m writing the (sex-packed) middle of We Fit , so I think I’ll hold these scenes for the previews when I’m closer to releasing it.

Reader question: what do non-pilots ask when they learn you fly ...

However, I have decided to use my blog space this month to plan for a series of connected short stories (and maybe build a little excitement for a Patreon project).

I have written standalone novels and duologies (two novel pairs).

I think it’s time to challenge myself. I’d like to write connected novellas (25-30k) or short stories (5-10k). I’ve read a few different types of series over the years, but can’t decide which style is the way to go for myself.

So, please help me decide. Today’s question is:

Keep in mind, I write primarily women-loving women stories, with lesbian or bisexual female-identifying main characters.

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