i believe in you

Today is Independence Day in the United States. “It’s never been done before in the history of the world.” is a line spoken by Benjamin Franklin in my favorite Independence Day musical-play: “1776.” He was saying it as a point to explain why some people wanted reconciliation and to negotiate with England instead of going to war. In the end, American was born from a war – often referred to as “The Revolution.” We fought over pretty much every inch of the fledgling would-be states. We argued again later how we would “look” and “act” like a country with the Constitution Convention (played out in debates and newspaper op-eds and the writings of the Federalists and Anti-Federalists. A lot of those arguments are wonderfully dramatized in the brilliant musical play “Hamilton.”

But since that “it’s never been done before,” revolutions have continued to be used to bring change the world over. People in every country have been arguing, marching, fighting, and dying, to demand change. Whether the change is political or social, everyday people recognize and struggle to better themselves, neighbors, friends, and even strangers whose lives they are learning to understand a little better.

I also believe that someone stating support for another person’s attempts to achieve their goals is a powerful unspoken statement of “I love you.” Therefore, I chose “I believe in you” from 100 Ways to say ‘I love you’ for today’s writing. Here’s the result.

After she ended the call, Elena cursed floridly.

That was her thirteenth dead lead today. She looked over her pitch script again. What the hell was wrong? She’d get the signal to make the call to an upper exec, then, after “hello, I’m Elena Tanner,” and “Your assistant told me you might be interested in partnering on a Central American vacation package” she’d get a firm “No thank you.” Sometimes they had just hung up. This one was yelling for his assistant even before he ended the call. Elena winced as she felt guilt for the man’s assistant getting caught up in his anger.

After she placed her notes for that company atop the growing “dead end” pile and turned to grab another lead generation printout from the printer tray, she heard a knock on the door.

“Yes?” She winced as she heard her own abrupt tone.

Jess pushed her way inside the office before Elena could speak again. “Hey,” the blonde said. Green eyes warmly reached out to Elena as she held out a mug. “Fresh coffee?”

“I’m pretty caffeinated already,” Elena lamented. “Maybe I was too forceful,” she considered.

“About what?” Jess came forward and handed her the coffee. “It’s decaf anyway. You’ve been in here three hours. Just take a few minutes break.”

Elena sat back with the coffee, humming with a little relief as the flavor and aromas did a lot to make her feel calmer. “What have you been up to all morning?”


“I can help you with that later if you want.”

“Not needed.” Jess said with a wave of her hand. “I needed a break, thought you might too.”

Taking another sip of her coffee, Elena asked, “You have some of this?”

“No. There’s still more in the press for you.”

“So, just for me? What are you doing to keep the stress away?”

“Taking care of you,” Jess said; Elena felt her cheeks get warm. Jess explained, “I was prepping the coffee already thinking you needed a break when I heard you curse.”

Elena frowned. “I’m sorry.”

“Forget that. I’m here. So, tell me, what’s wrong?” Jess perched on the top of the small filing cabinet by the door which reminded Elena that her “home office” was just a six-by-eight closet. She might have used Jess’s bedroom if she’d started her home business a couple years ago, but then the blonde moved in, and she was happier with that turn of events than almost anything else in the last year.

Elena nodded toward her phone face down next to the computer’s keyboard. “That last call. My thirteenth dead lead.”

“Oh. Unlucky 13, but maybe lucky 21, right?”

“I think it’s something in the script.”

“But when I showed my business class instructor your script, he said it was good.”

Elena shook her head. “Good on paper maybe, but it’s not working for me.” She sighed. “I should get back to it.”

“No, c’mon. You won’t sound anything but tired if you call someone now. Take a break. Let’s have lunch. It’s already noon.”

Elena looked at the papers and exhaled slowly. “I don’t know. Maybe this isn’t what I should be doing.”

Jess got off the filing cabinet and put her hand on Elena’s shoulder. “You’ll make this happen. I believe in you.” When Jess added a kiss to the corner of her lips, Elena definitely did feel her mood improved.

She suggested, “Probably most of the offices are at lunch, right? I guess eating something would be good.”

“Eating was on my mind too,” Jess said, a smile dancing on her lips. “But I also thought we could take a dip in the pool?”

The backyard pool did sound inviting, and with all the neighbors at work, maybe they could go without suits. But Elena questioned, “That would leave me all wet.”

“And naked,” Jess added as she took Elena’s hand and pulled her up from her chair. “So, what do you say?” Their bodies were flush the blonde’s heartbeat was pounding hard enough Elena felt it against her own chest. Elena stretched into the touch of Jess’s hand on her back pushing up under her shirt.

Feeling her body heat rising with arousal, Elena stepped out of Jess’s hold and into the hall. “Let’s go.”

Their path to the sliding glass back door of the house became strewn with clothes. Miami’s sun warmed their skin quickly. Taking Jess’s hand, Elena led the way down the steps and into the shallow end of the pool.

So what do you think?

~ Lara

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